Services we offer

Strategy and technology implementation services.

  • System Integration

    The process of bringing together multiple individual subsystems or sub-components to one system to achieve the overarching functionality.

  • Cloud Migration

    Move your Data. applications or business to a cloud based enviroment. We specialize in local to cloud, cloud to cloud and cloud to local migrations.

  • QA Services

    We provide comprehensive solutions to your QA requirements. System QA, Integration QA, end to end QA, user acceptance QA.

  • Direct Sourcing

    We partner to maximize the value of the candidates from known sources, saving you time and money.

  • Technology Staffing

    Facing challenges in finding technology professionals? We can help you finding high-skilled technology professionals.

  • Resource Process Outsourcing

    AMAFHHA LLC offers highly-customized recruiting solutions through a flexible engagement model