Direct Sourcing
  • What It Is

    We partner to maximize the value of the candidates from known sources. In leveraging an experienced direct sourcing team to manage your talent community, you gain the ability to track, engage, and onboard highquality talent at lower rates; saving you time and money.

    What We Offer

    • Process Review and Optimization
    • Direct Sourcing Contingent Workforce Analysis & Custom Solution Design
    • Technology Review & Direct Sourcing Tool Recommendations
    • Direct Sourcing Tool Configuration, Implementation & Training
    • Market Rate Analysis & Tracking
    • Custom RPO Solution Design & Implementation
    • All Employer-of-Record / Payroll Services
    • IC Compliance, Indemnification & Co-employment Risk Management
    • Consultant Care Through the Length of the Assignment
    • Custom Reporting & Analytics
    • Strategic Program Oversight & Governance

    How We Do It

    Process Automation
    Integration Process Automation leveraging best-of-breed technology and workflow for private / curated contingent talent sourcing, screening, onboarding, time-sheet management, invoicing, payroll, HR functions, and consultant relationship management.

    Dedicated RPO Team
    Dedicated RPO team for sourcing, screening and onboarding direct-sourced contingent talent.

    Dedicated Onboarding, Employer-of-Record Services & Consultant Care Team
    Unlike a pure-play payroll service provider, AMAFHHA LLC assigns a dedicated & proactive Consultant Care team to manage contingent workers throughout the engagement life cycle, ensuring timely issue resolution, higher motivation level and reduced attrition (same level of candidate engagement we would offer under our recruited model).

    Adjudication by IC Compliance Experts
    Comprehensive IC Compliance Methodology which encompasses there different legal tests under federal law, and up to four different legal tests un each state layered on top federal tests.

    HR, Legal & Immigration Expertise
    Expert assessment related to complex overtime Exempt vs. Non-Exempt classification. Experienced Legal team for managing visa compliance.